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Insurance Coverage and Insurance Defense

Our insurance coverage and insurance defense practices are founded on extensive experience gained through litigating hundreds of cases.

Insurance Coverage

Some insurance companies seek to deny coverage to an insured’s claim. However, policyholders are entitled to the protections in the insurance policy, and our office routinely battles with insurance companies to ensure they honor the terms of the policy.

Our insurance coverage practice has been so successful because we have a deep understanding of the nature of insurance policies, the protections that statutes and cases afford insureds (that may conflict with the language of a policy), and how to effectively negotiate with insurance companies.

We have represented individuals and businesses in a variety of insurance policy disputes, including commercial general liability policies, automobile policies, homeowner’s policies, title insurance policies, and many others. Our firm litigates against insurance companies to prove that coverage exists for our clients and to obtain the maximum policy benefits due to under the policy.

When insurance companies fail to honor the terms of the insurance policy, we have extensive experience bringing “bad faith” lawsuit to vindicate our clients’ rights.

Insurance Defense

Most insurance policies contain a duty to defend that requires an insurer to provide legal representation to the policyholder. Our attorneys have been appointed by many insurance companies to defend their insureds.

With decades of experience, our firm meticulously works up every case to uncover the true value, if any, of a claim. We serve thoughtful discovery, conduct surveillance, subpoena relevant third parties and materials, work with experts in every field, and thoroughly analyze every claim. Insureds represented by our attorneys receive prompt answers to their inquiries and the guidance they need to understand the litigation process. We have found that our ability to quickly establish strong relationships with the insureds has a significant impact on our ability to successfully defend them.

Through hundreds of mediations, our attorneys understand how to persuasively present insurance defense matters to mediators. If a plaintiff’s demands do not fit the actual value of a claim, we are always prepared to bring cases to trial. We have a keen understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

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