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Thank you, Brad. I truly appreciate you and Ana. I’m grateful for your quick replies, your assurance, your integrity, your kindness & compassion. I was a client, but throughout this entire journey, I have been honored to witness your example of how you deal with others professionally as well as personally. What you did for me was a mitzvah, I will never forget it. I am eternally grateful. May you be blessed eternally. Thank you, Meera.


By sharing our amazing experience of working with Brad, we can also help others make their best decision during difficult times. Finding a professional and experienced lawyer is not easy in LA. I believe LA is a nice city to live, but in case of a problem, people cannot do much without having an expert lawyer. Brad was born to be lawyer. He loves his job, he works seven days a week and he has all the qualities a great lawyer should have. Brad’s professional help brought peace to my parent’s house.

Rahil N.

I would like to recommend the attorney, Brad Snyder, as a real estate attorney. I had a long, protracted settlement and Brad was with me during the journey shortly after I was widowed. He serves with wisdom, patience and kindness and gets results. I learned a lot from him and am so very happy with the results of his tireless efforts.

Joyce Sachs

“I do not have words for how grateful I am to Brad Snyder and his staff.
They guided me through a very long and hard situation regarding a very contentious real estate dispute. Mr. Snyder is an excellent attorney and a kind person and he strikes the fine balance between being empathetic and professional. I had a very interesting real estate case, which took 25 months to settle due to a lot of stonewalling from the other party. Mr. Snyder’s kind and wise counsel is what got me through this very onerous and emotionally taxing ordeal. He was quick to respond to my texts, emails, and phone calls and was always a pleasure to talk to him.
Ana, his assistant, is also very nice and responsive. It is never easy when you are a party to a lawsuit and it is very important to have the right counsel and guidance in very trying circumstances. I am very appreciative of Mr. Snyder’s legal counsel, compassion, and for obtaining a satisfactory outcome on this very drawn-out dispute.
I am truly thankful for his counsel, patience and respect he showed me throughout the process. I would highly recommend Mr. Snyder and his team for their work.”

Mayra Gomez

“Although I have been an active member of the California Bar for 42 years, I recognized my need for experienced, competent representation to defend me in a particularly complicated motor vehicle accident case. As has often been said, the man who acts as his own attorney has a fool for a client. I picked Brad Snyder upon the recommendations of several of my former students, themselves practicing California attorneys, because of his expertise in defense work. Knowing and teaching law as I have for almost half a century does not provide one with the expertise on dealing with the courts in close quarters. I have not been disappointed by his efforts on my behalf. Brad listens carefully to his client’s side of the situation and follows up with. investigative work and recommendations on very practical matters. He is very knowledgeable about organizing and structuring a client’s defense and has managed to keep the “hounds of hell” (the attorneys representing my opponent) at bay so far. I would not hesitate to recommend the work of this distinguished defense attorney to those who are in need of assistance. Everyone deserves to have good defense counsel in the modern commercial world in which we live.”

John H. Neu
Attorney at Law

“My compliments to Brad Snyder for being an experienced personal injury lawyer. Brad was thoughtful of the conclusion of my settlement so I can continue therapy in the future. He was kind and compassionate during the process of healing. His professionalism is greatly appreciated.”

Rhonda Valona

“Brad was assigned to our case by our insurance company. I was very impressed with how he prepared himself even before our first meeting. Brad became our corporate attorney, and together, we won countless lawsuits. Following Brad’s advice has allowed me to win cases and I am forever grateful to him for his council and support.”

Conny Klimenko
Sevylor USA Inc.
Zodiac SA France

“Brad Snyder is at the top of his game. Not only does Mr. Snyder offer a vast amount of substantive knowledge and experience, I have found him to be extremely efficient and cost-effective. He works well with other counsel to achieve the best result for his clients. I would highly recommend Mr. Snyder and his team.”

Adriana Meza

“Scott and I would like to thank you and your entire staff for your dedication to our case. As you know, we are both members of the entertainment industry and without the professionalism and care given to our case by you and your firm, we would have been completely lost throughout the litigation process. Your ability to keep us calm during the entire 18 month process was quite something. From day one you treated us with respect and kindness and your belief in justice is what kept us hanging on until the very end. We are so pleased with the outcome and so grateful to have had you on our side. Many thanks to you and your firm. We will show our gratitude in the future with referrals, as we know they will be equally as satisfied as we have been. Thanks again for everything.”

Michelle and Scott Thomas

“Attorney Brad Snyder has been nothing short of exceptional and professional while helping my family with a very frustrating experience. The moment we met with him he knew exactly what we had ahead of us and was honest as well forthcoming of our possible outcomes. Our family needed an excellent Real Estate Lawyer and we received it when we obtained Mr. Brad Snyder’s services. We highly recommend his professional and diligent legal counsel/services.”

Flora Esquivel

As someone who has not had any experience dealing with lawsuits or lawyers, it was such a gift to find Ryan Snyder. Of the several lawyers I called, and the two I actually paid, he was the only one that dealt with me on a human level, rather than simply as a prospect for financial gain. I felt like I was dealing with someone who circulated in the regular world, not in some otherly universe where you are assessed for class status and clout. He was beyond professional. He put the proper time into helping me understand my case and all aspects surrounding it. He was patient in his explanations, and honest in his approach. He listened to my concerns and questions. He told me things that I needed to hear, even if they weren’t what I’d hoped to hear. He not only relied on his own knowledge and wisdom, but would also seek out information from other lawyers (such as probate attorneys) to make sure I was being represented to the fullest extent possible. He understands fair and unfair, right and wrong, while at the same time having the legal understanding to explain why it either matters or does not. At the moments when I felt like giving up, he made sure that I did not lose hope, and let me know that he would continue to fight for me. I needed a lawyer who cared, and I am very grateful to have had Ryan there with me, in my corner. – Franchesca A.

Franchesca A.

My wife and I engaged Ryan for assistance with a real estate dispute. Ryan was patient and thorough with us addressing our concerns and keeping us grounded as to what recovery was reasonably obtainable within the California legal system. His counsel with us and negotiation with the defendants in our case was critical in obtaining successful settlements from a number of separate parties involved in the litigation. We highly recommend Ryan and Snyder Law Firm.

Cliff and Carol Washer

“Ryan Snyder was referred to me when a real estate transaction I was involved in ran into a sticky 42-year old title issue involving probate and two counties. The issue had already delayed the close of escrow on a $2,000,000 deal by more than a month, and the title company we had initially employed declined to write the policy, thereby putting the sale at risk. Ryan started working immediately, which alleviated the stress of the situation. He came up with a solution right away, to go with another title company, which he found and successfully negotiated. I was hoping that was the end of sticky issue, but oh, no. Two more issues came up that Ryan also solved. He is extremely responsive and very knowledgeable. I heartily recommend his services.”

Julie Selders

I am so thankful that I hired Ryan to represent me in my real estate dispute. He was so patient and attentive, and he explained every step of the process very clearly. I am so grateful for the positive result Ryan achieved for me and that I had him on my side during the challenging lawsuit. I absolutely recommend anyone looking for a real estate attorney to contact Ryan!

– Isabel C.

Isabel C.

“Snyder Law Firm is definitely the place to go when you need a very professional and capable attorney who is going to take care of your case. I highly recommend hiring Brad Snyder for your legal needs.”

Gigi Keller

“Brad Snyder has been on our approved panel for defense counsel for over 20 years and provided excellent results throughout that time, including defense verdicts at trial. In addition, he can be counted on to follow the all important litigation guidelines and provides comprehensive reports necessary to document the claim file.”

David J. Soucy
2nd Vice President - Claims Division
Senior Claim Executive
GENESIS - A Berkshire Hathaway Company

“Brad Snyder has been our litigation attorney for well over 30 years & has been a great legal strategist for our legal policies, in particular about defending product liability cases. His cost conscious effort has greatly saved us multiples in legal judgments & his ability to understand the human factor, as well as his knowledge of the products, allows him to know the true details of an injury case. We would strongly recommend his services as he is also very prompt in returning calls & following up on ongoing pending cases.”

Wayne Lee

“Brad Snyder is one of our great counsels in the United States for litigation matters and disputes. He is a skilled trial attorney and a trusted advisor to the company on a variety of legal matters. As an international company, we frequently face complex disputes and claims that have the potential to distract the company from our business priorities. In addition to his legal acumen, Brad understands our business and different corporate cultures. He appreciates the importance of putting our company in the best position to resolve disputes and reduce the disruption to our business and employees. I highly recommend Brad Snyder and his law firm.”

Tony Yu
WSM Investments, LLC

“Brad is the rare breed of lawyers that is considerate and caring, putting his clients before himself.”

Ezra Cattan

“My wife had a very bad, life threatening experience when a surgeon made a mistake during a hernia repair procedure. We contacted many law firms, but none would take our case on a contingency basis. A business associate suggested we contact Brad Snyder. During the interviews, depositions, and finally the very difficult settlement procedures, we were amazed at Brad’s knowledge, professionalism and his ability to counter every move the defendent’s lawyers made. Brad got us a larger settlement than we had expected..we will always be grateful to Brad Snyder.”

Carol and Ken Woods

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